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Health Junkie


Health Junkie is a Minnesota owned and operated meal prep service, and then some.

Meg has been in the fitness industry since 2013, competed in 8 bodybuilding shows and help countless people reach their health goals.

Our meals are made fresh each Sunday so that you can be prepared for your week ahead.

Menu Available in Store

Bleu Cheese Crusted Buffalo Turkey Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes and Broccoli

Ingredients: Turkey, Yellow Potato, Broccoli, Bleu cheese, Egg, Cream, Butter, Spelt flour, Celery, Onion, Buffalo sauce, Dry seasoning

Approximate Calories: 453

Protein: 33g Carbs:  31g Fat: 21g


Shredded BBQ Chicken with Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans

Ingredients: Chicken, Sweet potato, Green beans, BBQ sauce, Dry seasoning,

Approximate Calories: 331

Protein: 30g Carbs: 48g Fat: 2g


Cowboy Burger with Brown Rice and Asparagus

Ingredients: Beef, Brown Rice, Asparagus, Cheddar Cheese, Onions, BBQ Sauce, Dry Seasoning

Approximate Calories: 631

Protein: 35g Carbs: 53g Fat: 22g


Balsamic Chicken over Quinoa and Roasted Veggies

Ingredients: Chicken, Quinoa, Zucchini, Mushroom, Cauliflower, Balsamic, Dry Seasoning

Approximate Calories: 316

Protein: 34g Carbs: 35g Fat: 4g


Kung Pao chicken bowl

Ingredients: Chicken, Jasmine Rice, Zucchini, Red Bell Pepper, Cashews, Sesame Seeds, Green Onion, Corn Starch, Ginger, Garlic, Dry Seasoning

Approximate Calories: 314

Protein: 30g Carbs: 45g Fat: 2g


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Next Weeks Menu


Classic meatloaf with yellow potatoes and asparagus

Ingredients: Beef, Yellow potatoes, Asparagus, Onion, Egg, spelt flout, Ketchup, Brown sugar, Dry seasoning

Approximate Calories: 406

Protein: 30g Carbs: 44g Fat: 12g


Cajun chicken with brown rice and broccoli (RD)

Ingredients: Chicken, Brown basmati rice, Broccoli, Dry seasoning, grape seed oil

Approximate Calories: 305

Protein: 35g Carbs: 40g Fat: 10g


Basil feta turkey burger with red potatoes and green beans (RD)

Ingredients: Turkey, Red potato, Green beans, Feta, Dry seasoning

Approximate Calories: 449

Protein: 35g Carbs: 39g Fat: 15g


Honey garlic chicken stir fry (RD)

Ingredients: Chicken, Jasmine rice, Broccoli, Bell pepper, Pea pods, Carrot, Honey, Garlic, Dry seasoning, grape seed oil

Approximate Calories: 376

Protein: 30g Carbs: 45g Fat: 10g


Skinny Lasagna

Ingredients: Ground Turkey, lasagna noodles, Diced Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Zucchini, Tomato sauce, Low-fat ricotta, Mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, Dry Seasoning,

Approximate Calories: 515

Protein: 37g Carbs: 50g Fat: 15g


Some Things to Keep in Mind...


783 Radio Drive #102



M-TH 10 AM TO 6 PM

*All pre-orders are due Thursday at midnight.

*Pick up is Sunday at 3:00pm at 1539 5th Ave S, South St. Paul, MN 55075, or Monday - Friday at 783 Radio Drive in Woodbury, MN 55125.

*Deliveries happen between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on Monday. If you are not home you will need to leave a cooler out so that your food stays fresh.

*If you're going to refer friends to us, make sure to give them your account code so that you each get a $10 credit. We appreciate every referral!

*Any meal with (RD) after it falls under guidelines used by registered dietitians. The dietitian we work with is

Autumn's recommended guidelines per meal are:

         At least 30 grams of protein

·      45 grams or less for carbs

·      No more than 10-15 grams of fat

·      500 calories or less


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I love eating healthy but never have enough time to meal prep. Health Junkie has really made eating healthy a lot easier for me!

Sarah J.

We love Health Junkie family meals during the hockey season when our family is constantly on the go. The kids love them too.